Jimin captures childhood memories at Christmas


Memories of his childhood motivated the BTS member to create a song to accompany the holiday celebration and help you cherish every moment.

Some places in the world are already enjoying December 25 and although this will be a very different Christmas from the ones we experienced previously, Jimin was in charge of adding a very special touch to the date with a song as a gift, it is Christmas Love.

Credits indicate that to produce this melody Jimin, RM and Slow Rabit joined forces and the result was great. The idol posted the song through YouTube and SoundCloud, but added some details to make sure his fans felt his love for him on this day.

Through a letter the singer said that he was very excited to share the melody with his fans and later revealed how the idea of ​​writing it came about. According to the vocalist, the lyrics capture his childhood memories of Christmas and the way he felt about such a special holiday.

Park Jimin added that when a person grows up he tends to hide feelings from him as part of the maturing process, but through this song he invites his fans to enjoy every moment and express his emotions.


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