Jimin CAPTIVATES US journalists, authors and greats


Jimin from BTS, has captivated millions of people in the world; the ARMY fandom idolizes the young man.

BTS star Jimin continues to spread the “Jimin effect” in the United States of America, especially after BTS successfully achieved their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The famous musical group became the first and only South Korean artist to top Billboard’s Hot 100.

Jimin is WORLDWIDE popular

Jimin’s sheer popularity is unstoppable as he continues to attract the attention of not only fans but also artists, best-selling authors, respectable journalists, and media personalities in the US as well.

The latest addition to famous names who are drawn to Jimin’s charm are renowned American journalists Julie Mason and Andrea Mitchell.

On September 3, Julie Mason shared an article about BTS on her official Twitter account.

In the comment section, Julie Mason was asked if BTS is what she talked about with Andrea Mitchell during her break. Julie Mason quickly responded, “She (Andrea Mitchell) loves Jimin more than anyone, so we never fight.”

Julie Mason’s statement implied that they both agreed that they liked Jimin.

Julie Mason hosts the SiriusXM Radio Press Pool with Julie Mason, which is heard across the US.

Every weekday. Before joining SiriusXM, Julie was a White House reporter.

In 2014, Julie Mason was recognized in the media by the Alliance for Women for her outstanding achievement as a radio host.

Meanwhile, Andrea Mitchell is chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News and host of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, an hour of political news and interviews, which also airs daily on weekdays.

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In 2015, Andrea Mitchell was recognized by New York Women in Communication with the prestigious Matrix Award for excellence in television journalism.

After knowing who these journalists are, you will find it even more intriguing and surprising that these successful personalities mention Jimin’s name and favor her.

Borrowing the words of Noelle Devoe, charm is a universal language and Jimin speaks it fluently.

Jimin has that unbeatable charm that he finds it so hard to go unnoticed.


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