Jimin broke big record on Spotify thanks to ‘Serendipity’


ARMY celebrates the important new record that Jimin from BTS has achieved on Spotify thanks to the song ‘Serendipity (Full Length)’.

It cannot be denied that BTS has become a phenomenon of international stature and for proof of this we have the impressive stream that their songs receive daily on the various digital platforms on which the extensive musical catalog of the South Korean group is available.

On this occasion we will tell you about the new and important record that Jimin, the charismatic member of BTS, has managed to acquire within Spotify and all thanks to the ARMY, who have agreed to stream the song ‘Serendipity (Full Length)’, which is included in the album ‘Love Yourself: His’.

Jimin continues to conquer Spotify with his solos

According to information obtained by the platform, the song ‘Serendipity (Full Length)’, performed by the 24-year-old idol alone, has managed to exceed 100 million streams, a figure that makes him the first and only Korean artist in have two songs that have that amount of reproductions within the platform.

In addition to being Jimin’s second song to surpass 100 million views on Spotify, ‘Serendipity (Full Length)’ becomes BTS’s fourth solo to achieve bliss on the platform and number 40 overall within the extensive music catalog. of the South Korean grouping.

Jimin’s first solo song to reach 100 million streams on Spotify was ‘Lie’, a song from the album ‘You Never Walk Alone’, which was released in 2017; This single is acclaimed by the ARMY because, in their opinion, the passion that the idol embodies in his performance is capable of making more than one fall in love.

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Which of these two songs is your favorite? Would you like Jimin to have the opportunity to start a solo career? Leave your answer in the comments section.


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