Jimin broke 2 records on TikTok with ‘Boy With Luv’


After being crowned the ‘King of K-Pop’ this year, it seems that BTS’s Jimin also deserves to be crowned the ‘King of Records on TikTok’!

Jimin has broken two records on TikTok with one of his videos on the platform. Earlier this year, Mochi took to BTS’s official TikTok profile to share a video of himself dancing Boy With Luv.

The video was uploaded when BTS performed their first Bang Bang Con in April, in which the members and the fandom revisited some of the septet’s iconic concerts. According to AllKPop, the video surpassed 9 million likes on the platform.

This milestone led to the video becoming the most ‘liked’ clip by a South Korean individual on the platform. If that wasn’t reason enough for his fans to celebrate, the video, on September 25, has been reported to have surpassed 74 million views.

As a result, the video has become the most viewed video of a Korean individual on the platform. Jimin was also in the news lately for his concept photo as part of BTS’s album release “BE.”

Jimin and his performance in Map of the Soul: ON: E

Last month, BTS wrapped up their two-day virtual concert, Map of the Soul: ON: E. Millions of fans tuned in to watch the concert, generating huge revenue for the band. Fans were also able to enjoy Jimin’s Filter act, choreographed by Nicky Andersen.

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“Yes, the rumors were true. I choreographed on BTS’s Filter. Words cannot describe how thrilled I was when I saw the amazing Park Jimin perform my steps so beautifully! “Wrote Andersen.



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