Jimin breaks a new record with Serendipity


Jimin breaks a new record with Serendipity

Fans celebrated this achievement with idol appreciation messages

The idol song has remained highly popular since its release, which is why this tune has recently reached an unparalleled number that demonstrates the love BTS fans have for this idol and his artistic abilities.

Serendipity surpassed 150 million views on Spotify, one of the platforms where BTS has given proof of the reach that its music has worldwide. With this achievement, Serendipity has become the first solo song released by the group to reach that number . The 150 million views are obtained from the sum between the views of the two versions of the song available on Spotify, “Intro: Serendipity” and “Serendipity Full Length Edition”.

This brand also allowed Serendipity to become the group’s ninth song with the highest number of views on this platform and, to celebrate it, the followers of the idol group showed their support and admiration for Jimin using the hashtags #SerendipityByJimin150M and #Serendipity150M , sending him messages of appreciation for this achievement.

Recently another Jimin song also stood out within Spotify, that was the case of ‘Filter’. The recently released tune inside the Map of the Soul: 7 album became the Korean song by a solo artist that topped over 30 million streams !


Jimin has undoubtedly demonstrated his vocal talent and his ability to perform , so the recognition of his songs has been very well deserved and, therefore, celebrated by the group’s followers around the world.