Jimin breaks a new record with ‘Filter’


Jimin breaks a new record with ‘Filter’. The idol continues to demonstrate his talent.

“Map of the soul: 7” may be the best album by BTS , not only because of the records it has broken, but because of the type of songs and the honesty they put into the lyrics by showing the dark side that the human being.

However, success also translates into solo merits and one of them is Jimin , who broke a new record thanks to his solo “Filter”.

Jimin has managed to conquer thousands of fans thanks to his voice and great talent, in addition to being an excellent dancer, many of BTS’s successes are due to the support of ARMY and his performance on major music platforms such as YouTube or Spotify.


According to information from Korean media, Jimin became the first Korean artist to reach 30 million views on Spotify in record time . The idol reached this goal one month after MOTS7 was released.

Through the hashtag #FilterByJimin30M, ARMY sent congratulatory messages to the idol for their new achievement, as they are proud that he can continue adding achievements with his colleagues.

Such is the success, that the rumors of an assumption only for this song could come true, because recently, a video of the choreographer Nicky Andersen circulated in networks shared a video on his Instagram while working on a choreography for said single. Will be?



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