Jimin becomes the king of social media for this reason


BTS member Jimin broke a record for the number of words positioned on Twitter globally.

Jimin celebrated his 26th birthday and the whole world cheered for him. On October 13, Social Media King and Trending Emperor Jimin once again demonstrated their unmatched power and set another record as the first and only individual to have 28 related keywords and hashtags simultaneously occupying the global Twitter trends.

BTS member Jimin broke his own record where his birthday keywords and hashtags dominated 20 spots on global trends in 2019.

As soon as the clock struck 12 midnight in Korea, BTS members and fans took to Twitter to express their wishes and messages for the King of K-pop. Jimin was immediately trending in various countries until he conquered world trends.

Jimin received millions of compliments

#HappyJiminDay has reached more than 4.5 million tweets while #HappyBirthdayJimin with more than 2.1M from all over the world. Both were included among most of the top hashtags tweeted on Twitter within 24 hours of Jimin’s birthday.

Park Jimin ruled not only Twitter but other sites as well. It also set a trend on Google Search with over 20K searches. Trend number 1 in Japan’s Twipple real-time trend, daily chart and weekly chart. Tsuiran’s, another site in Japan, also topped trends in real time.

In Korea, he became the first and only person to master 24 trends simultaneously. A Korean public forum is filled with birthday wishes and love for their nation’s pride.

The most humble king did not leave the efforts of the members and fans ignored. In response, Jimin posted his message of thanks for all the birthday greetings and messages with two beautiful selcas. He put down the promise to see fans through the Vlive app for a live broadcast that definitely got everyone excited.

He also shared another heartwarming message for ARMY. The message, translated from Korean, reads, “I am very happy to be able to celebrate my birthday together with ARMY this year as well. From now on let’s take care of our health, laugh a lot every day and have a good time together. I love you. ”

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Furthermore, Jimin also proved that he is a much loved worldwide superstar, as he received no less than 122 birthday messages from verified accounts and not from fans. The amount of love he received through SNS is truly indescribable.


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