Jimin beats Suga and points to J-Hope as his next target


Friendly competitions make the BTS members’ relationship more fun, and Jimin showed his confidence to beat his peers.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan frequently show us their competitive spirit, idols share countless funny moments as they face challenges and show their skills through various shows, but this time, Jimin made his joy known after surpassing Suga thanks to your figures.

The vocalist published an image through the group’s Twitter account where we can see a table with records of his weight and height, comparing the numbers corresponding to 2019 with those of this season.

The idol accompanied this post with a message showing his surprise at being so tall, which brought great fun to the fandom of the K-Pop group because the difference from the previous year is only 0.4 centimeters.


Jimin’s post sparked creativity from BTS fans, who flooded social media with hilarious images of Jimin’s growth, but the idol showed that this is an opportunity that he will take advantage of.

According to records, Jimin is now the same size as Suga, but this is just the beginning, as in a second tweet, the vocalist noted that his next goal was to exceed J-Hope’s height.

Alright, I’ve reached Yoongi hyung’s height. Next up will be J-Hope, please get ready.

Soon the boys of BTS will join the Christmas celebrations and will be present at Disney Holiday Sing Along, we will tell you everything you need to know about their presentation.

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