Jimin appreciates ARMY’s support and rewards them


BTS fans showed their loyalty to the premiere of Dynamite and Jimin thanked his followers for the gesture on Twitter.

The BTS fandom has received some nice surprises in recent months, but the premiere of a new music video was a perfect opportunity to show how popular this idol group is around the world.

Dynamite’s premiere held the attention of BTS fans, who continue to strive to increase the number of views for this MV for the first 24 hours after its release.

Jimin knows how dedicated and committed his fans are, as his efforts have shown results with great speed.

The messages of support and recognition to BTS do not stop either, for that reason, Jimin thanked through the idol group’s Twitter account for all the work that fans are doing in different parts of the world, keep reading and find out how he did it .

Jimin also asked all ARMYs to continue to show their support for Dynamite, the first single that BTS released prior to the release of their next album.

You have waited a long time! Please love Dynamite very much.

To the ARMYs who have been waiting for us, thank you.

But a special message was not the only thing that Jimin captured on BTS’s social networks, since this handsome idol also shared a couple of individual selfies and two other group photos, the latter correspond to the live broadcast that BTS made to react to the Dynamite video and share some stories.

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