JIMIN APPEARED IN ‘INTERLUDE: SHADOW’? BTS fans are not going even a single detail and have checked with this possible discovery they just made.

About a week ago, we received the first teaser of “Interlude: Shadow”, in which the protagonist is Sugar, who delighted us with his different changes of clothes and his so distinguished way of rapping. :3

In the video, we could see how he is fleeing from a group of people who wear black hoods, same as when locked in a room, they begin to knock on the door so that the idol comes out.


Many fans have looked carefully at the clip, and have come to the conclusion that the hands of one of the people in black, correspond to another member of BTS, checking a possible cameo.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Jimin, some girls who are part of the ARMY, were able to identify the, so peculiar, hands of the idol. Confirming that Suga was not the only member of the group to appear in the MV.

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However, other girls believe that it is not only Jiminnie who goes out, because it is said that the rest of the boys with their faces covered are: Jungkook, Jin, Taehyung, RM and J-Hope. Possibly, with the premiere of the other trailers, we will be able to prove this theory.

What do you think about it?


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