Jimin and RM crash during a performance


BTS members Jimin and RM had an awkward moment during a performance after suffering an accident.

BTS member Park Jimin, better known as Jimin, was hit by an unexpected accident. Jimin is a beloved member with a lot of charm. His cute face and innocent tone are loved by many fans.

On SNS, a certain event that happened to Jimin has become a hot topic on Twitter.

The tweeter paid attention to the scene where the BTS members sit on the couch at the end of the video. The seven of them are singing sitting relaxed, but in reality, a small incident has occurred that went unnoticed.

Jimin had an uncomfortable moment with RM;

The incident occurred when Jimin was standing in front of the sofa. Jimin smiles softly while looking at the camera. Right after that, RM (Kim Nam Jun) walks over to sit on the couch and bumps into Jimin

Perhaps surprised by the sudden event, Jimin landed on the couch with his eyes wide open. He was originally supposed to sit on the floor and then quickly moved under the sofa.

Then RM who saw the situation put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder and supported him. The end comes naturally as if nothing had happened.

RM is a person who has destroyed so many things that he has the nickname God Destruction. He is known not only for things, but also for frequent collisions with members during performances, but it seems that he has also displayed many destructive gods in this performance.

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RM and Jimin made fans laugh at an unexpected accident. However, the positive comments for how cute both members are did not wait.


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