Jimin and Jungkook from BTS Were Live Streaming on The Same Day, Their Opposite Styles Make Fans Laugh


These days, BTS’s “maknae line” seems to be full of energy, as fans have already received some intense live broadcasts!

On February 2, Jungkook and V literally broke the record for the most views on Instagram, but Jungkook couldn’t get enough.

On February 3, Jimin surprised fans with a live broadcast on Weverse. Obviously, he was in the HYBE building having fun with the fans.

He discussed various topics with ARMY, telling them what he was doing these days. He even shared the progress of his album, adding that despite being busy, he still has time to support Shuga and watch his showsuchwita.

On February 2, Jungkook was on the air for more than 4 hours, but it seems he was still full of energy, as he went back on the air on February 3.

From the minute he started the show and announced that he wanted to make mukbang by eating chicken, he was already destined to be very different from Jimin’s video.

Live, it almost felt like ARMY was hanging out with her best friend, eating chicken and watching a show, with the addition of Bam.

Only ARMY watched Jungkook eat chicken and react to the cult show “Physical 100″… and play with Bam!


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