Jimin and his dance make ARMY fall in love


BTS surprised ARMY with an impressive rendition of Black Swan, fans couldn’t get over Jimin’s angelic dance moves.

Black Swan is a classic BTS song that many claim is an underrated gem. Whether it’s the heartbreaking, thought-provoking lyrics or even the dazzling music videos, this track from Map of the Soul: 7 is like fine wine; improves with age.

So it came as no surprise that BTS brought Black Swan to BTS Week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a situation that caused the ARMY to fall more in love with Jimin.

Day 3 of BTS Week was dominated by the septet, who played a game of Dance My Feelings with Jimmy Fallon, as well as a candid interview about a possible solo performance and a Grammy win, the success of Dynamite, his next album. BE and what they were like in their high school days.

However, all eyes were on BTS’s Black Swan’s performance, as the tropical setting was juxtaposed by the members decked out in all-black outfits.

Jimin falls in love with the ARMY

Whether it was Jungkook’s man bun and a see-through t-shirt look or even Jimin and J-Hope’s choker look, the guys looked absolutely stunning.

RM killed us all with her verses, while Suga and J-Hope aka Hobi proved to be a dynamic duo.

ChimChim, as Jimin is nicknamed, was still the literal incarnation of a black swan with his angelic dance moves that we just couldn’t take our eyes off of.

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