Jimin is afraid of being a heartbreaker


Jimin is afraid of being a heartbreaker. The singer s surprised by the confessions of his fans.

In the world of K-Pop, fans choose their so-called bias depending on the personality of each one of them, they all love the group, but your heart will always be conquered by one of the members.

However, sometimes there are situations where fans demonstrate their love for idols to the point of making them feel shy about their confessions. Jimin received a long comment that caused “fear” by the statement of the ARMY, we tell you what it is.

Jimin made a broadcast on VLive in which he decided to respond to some fan comments; a girl decided to confess her feelings to him in a very original and too direct way. Her love for BTS seems to have no barrier whatsoever, as the fan explained that she had a boyfriend, but it seems that her admiration for Jimin made her a little jealous.

Jimin became nervous when ARMY told her that she couldn’t live without him, but she could do without her partner. Would you be willing to be single and give all your love to the boys? Apparently she does.

The response of Jimin before the confession was adorable, asked him not to say such things because if her boyfriend found out could face. 2 boys fighting for your heart? Jimin wants me to be happy, he knows that he will always have the love of ARMY.

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