Jimbo Fisher at work at WVU: The world of college football reacts


Jimbo Fisher is the head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies, but if he got his way, he might not be there for the rest of his career.

During a recent interview, Fischer was asked if he was ready to become the head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers. Fisher of Clarksburg, West Virginia, didn’t exactly say no.

“You never say never in this business. A house is a house. West Virginia is always dear to my heart. I love them, I’ve always loved them, I’ve always been rooting for them all my life, and you never say never. I’m happy where I am, I like where I am, but home is home.

Most fans were shocked by his confession.

“Wow. Tell me about what I didn’t expect to see today,” said one fan.

“I remember when Jimbo was next in line after Rich Rod ran away, but then we beat Oklahoma, and a QB named Pat White said: “Coach Stu is our guy,” and the rest is history,” said another fan.

It’s hard to imagine Fischer leaving Aggie anytime soon. He recently signed a massive contract that will bring him almost $100 million by the end.


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