Jim Ryan calls PS5 “a true leap of the generation”


Although in Europe we still have to wait a few days to enjoy it, Ryan emphasizes a successful launch despite the problems that emerged in 2020.

With the console already on the market in most of the world, except in Europe, and a limited reservation campaign due to distribution problems that Sony has promised to amend, the launch of PS5 has been considered a success by the company Japanese. To commemorate this moment, Jim Ryan, CEO, has written a post on the official PlayStation blog, thanking fans for their patience, and speaking of this as “a true generational leap.”

Ryan adds that Sony’s vision is exciting for both gamers and developers, ensuring that the problems derived from Covid-19 have been a major obstacle, but despite everything, he considers the launch of the console “an encouraging moment.”

In Ryan’s words

“What a year. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering us on and keeping us honest,” Ryan begins in his note. “I know I speak for everyone at Sony IE when I say that you are at the center of everything we do here.”

“We never doubt that our vision is to deliver a console that delivers a true next-gen experience and excites gamers and developers alike,” he continues. “We also know that it would be nearly impossible for gamers to experience next-gen features like DualSense haptic feedback, or 3D Audio, in a world of social distance. But in some regions, gamers can already turn on their PS5 for the first time and try these features for the first time. ”

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To do this, we will have to wait until next November 19, this Thursday, when PS5 hits stores in Europe after appearing in North America, Oceania, Asia …


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