Jim Rogers: States Can Ban Bitcoin


Jim Rogers, who is promoted as “legendary investor”, spoke to RealVision. Rogers, looking back, explained that he regretted not buying Bitcoin in the past. Rogers said the state threat to Bitcoin is still valid.

Jim Rogers, who founded the hedge fund Quantum with George Soros, spoke to Raoul Pal. In the interview where global markets, commodity and money markets were discussed, some comments were made about Bitcoin.

Regret not taking it in the past

The number of investors in the markets increased after the pandemic. Jim Rogers thinks that as a result, bubbles began to form in some markets. However, he says that central banks “print huge amounts of money” and that he does not see a reason for this trend to come to an end.

Evaluating the rise in bitcoin price, the name announced that he “regretted” not buying Bitcoin in the past. Rogers says Bitcoin’s success has made many failures in the cryptocurrency market forget:

“I wish I had bought bitcoin. But I must also say that most cryptocurrencies have already disappeared and have seen zero. We all hear about Bitcoin. But we do not hear the names of lost cryptocurrencies. ”

Do governments ban Bitcoin?

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen talked about Bitcoin as a speculative asset and drew attention to the illegal use of cryptocurrencies. Jim Rogers explained that if the usage area of ​​Bitcoin changes, states could start banning it:

“If Bitcoin ceases to be an investment tool and becomes a currency, governments can ban it. States do not want to lose control, they like to be a monopoly. Do you think the state got up and said, ‘Look, there is an American dollar here. … But if you want to use something else, you know. ”? The state I know does not do such a thing. “


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