Jim Harbaugh unexpectedly reacted to the booing of fans


Some Michigan fans let their voices be heard in the second half of Saturday’s game against Hawaii.

Fans booed starting quarterback Cade McNamara when he took the field to relieve JJ. McCarthy. McCarthy led the Wolverines to halftime with a 42-0 win over the Rainbow Warriors before McNamara came in and threw for 26 yards and intercepted the ball.

Harbor was then asked about the booing, and he said fans should see it as an advantage that they have two good quarterbacks.

“It’s very important for our team to have two really good quarterbacks,” Harbaugh said.

McNamara and McCarthy have played in both games for the Wolverines while Harbaugh tries to figure out which of them will be a full-fledged player in the starting lineup.

McNamara scored the most reps in the first game, and McCarthy scored the most reps in the last one.

It remains to be seen who will get the starter’s representatives in this Saturday’s game against UConn.


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