Jihyo Celebrates Her Birthday With the Support and Love of Her Fans


The TWICE leader Jihyo is receiving all the love from her fans.

Today is a very special day for the TWICE fandom , having won a Bonsang at the Seoul Music Awards , the girls continue to celebrate with the support and love of their fandom.

Jihyo is celebrating her 24th birthday , (25 Korean age) and has received several messages of support from ONCE.

Through the hashtag #HappyJihyoDay , the fandom has congratulated the leader of the group, who recently confessed in a letter that has had to face some anxiety problems due to the revelation of her romance with Kang Daniel and for what her fans can Think about her.

Therefore, this day ONCE has shown her all her love and congratulated her for staying strong and managing to overcome the obstacles she has had to face, because they know that as a leader and as a human being, Jihyo has been through a lot.

ONCE has shared your favorite photos and videos of the idol and wish you the best in this new stage of your life. They also hope that she always stays happy and does not feel insecure, because Jihyo admitted that many times as an idol the pressure is too much, but she says that sincere with her fans is the best way to overcome things, it is important to maintain that type of communication .

Congratulations, Jihyo!


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