Jideon was kicked out of the US Open tennis tournament


Popular YouTube content creator JiDion was excluded from the US Open tennis tournament due to the fact that he cut his hair during the show, which he is known to have done. JiDion switched to YouTube after he was permanently banned from Twitch due to disagreements with Pokimane, and since then he has continued to do big public stunts, calling Twitch to various things.

At the recent US Open tennis tournament, which was attended by such talented players as Iga Sviatek, Jessica Pegula, Nick Kyrgios and Karen Haachanov, a large audience gathered, and among them was the up-and-coming YouTube creator Jidion, who took the opportunity to create content. At the Minnesota Timberwolves game in March, Gigion successfully got a haircut from a stylist who accompanied him while the basketball players ran back and forth on the court. In an attempt to repeat this experience during the US Open, the security guards took Gigi out with her hairdresser, and the USA Tennis Association issued a statement about the incident.

According to the USTA, Djidion and his friend were escorted “from their seats and then from the court for disrupting the game” during a competition between Nick Kyrgios and Karen Haachanov. Since Gigion was sitting in the second row at the time when the haircut began, many viewers, cameras and possibly even people on the court, judging by what the USTA said, saw the comedic moment unfold. The organizers of the tournament strongly objected to his trick at the US Open, but also took it calmly, as Pokimane did when they collaborated, saying: “Everything happens for the first time.”

Although JiDion was banned for life at Wimbledon after hitting himself in the chest and blowing the horn from the audience during the match between Novak Djokovic and Yannick Sinner, it is currently unclear whether the US Open or the USTA also blocked the popular YouTuber. Twitch has confirmed that it will not lift the ban on the JiDion platform in the near future, and the creator of YouTube content has also been excluded from TwitchCon for causing a stir. Given that JiDion continues to do big public events, such as haircuts during the aforementioned sports and live broadcasts, the scandalous YouTuber may continue to grow in the number of subscribers and viewers.

While some JiDion viewers and others who were entertained by his haircut at the US Open expressed their enthusiasm for the clip, filmed just before the arrival of security, others criticized his actions as disrespectful. As with other things he’s done in the past, such as JiDion’s hate raids on Twitch or what he did to the NBA game, some Twitter users just found the stunt funny despite any potential harm.


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