Ji Soo withdraws from drama River Where the Moon Rises


Ji Soo shared a message on social media before the K-drama announced his departure from production.

After being involved in a serious controversy of school violence, Ji Soo recognized his mistake and the drama River Where the Moon Rises decided to take a new course in history.

Although the South Korean entertainment industry has been affected recently by numerous accusations of bullying, the case of Ji Soo was one of the most shocking, as several internet users accused him of aggression and misbehavior during his time as student. The actor admitted the allegations and shared a letter about what happened.


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Ji Soo offered an apology to all those who were ever hurt by him and acknowledged that his past actions are without justification. The actor said that his success in acting led him to hide his past, but he always harbored guilt because of who he used to be. He also apologized to the cast members and staff of the series in which he was starring, a production that would later sever ties with him.


The drama suspended filming to discuss what would happen to the story following the bullying allegations against Ji Soo , who plays the lead character in River Where the Moon Rises .

A short time later, KBS announced that they are looking for the ideal actor to replace Ji Soo , but they will also have to discuss when is the ideal time to introduce this new figure into K-drama .

Recently the actor’s agency also released a statement in response to the accusations of violence, we will tell you what his position was.


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