Jewels and bargains in the Steam Christmas Sale 2020


We selected several aggressively discounted games in the 2020 Steam Holiday Sale, focusing on hidden gems and lesser-known titles.

The Steam Christmas Sale is a great opportunity to nurture our libraries with great titles at very low prices. We can even get great titles for less than 1 euro, or timeless jewels for less than 5 euros. In this text we try to dive into the store to introduce you to some lesser-known titles that you can purchase at great discounts, within a wide variety of genres and proposals for all audiences. Without further ado, we set out to hunt for the juiciest offers. Prepare the wallets.

Darq-Complete Edition; 80% discount 3.35 euros

We start with this excellent puzzle game with a gloomy setting worthy of Tim Burton himself. Darq is a dark side-scrolling title that introduces very original mechanics, the main one being the ability to rotate gravity to do the same with the stages, being able to advance through what was previously a totally vertical surface. The game gradually introduces new mechanics so as not to fall into boredom, such as perspective changes and some other that we are going to reveal to you. All this with an oppressive and terrifying staging. His puzzles are very attractive, varied and never too demanding. Perfect for spending some scary Christmas evenings.

Apsulov: The End Of Gods; 75% discount 4.99 euros

We continue in the key of terror, with this great first-person scary game with an excellent and original setting. Fusing futuristic science fiction with Norse and Viking mythology, Apsulov is a journey into a universe full of horror and mystery. With an effective gameplay similar to that seen in titles of this type, with sections for exploration, simple puzzles and stealth, this video game offers a good story and a very effective and impressive visual finish. An authentic cover released last year that deserves a lot more attention than it has received.


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