Jetpack Compose: launches beta version to build apps


Android is getting more and more improvements, this week we have already seen Qualcomm and Lofelt announce a partnership to bring more realistic vibrations to mobile phones and now Google is launching the new beta version of Jetpakc Compose that comes with many facilities to create applications.

If you are not already familiar, Jetpack Compose is a toolkit in Kotlin used to create application interfaces. Speaking specifically of the new version, it is coming with many improvements.

Let’s start by talking about the new API, which after several stages of development is complete and stable, so creators can make new applications without worrying about major changes to it, which may require adaptations later.

Now there is also support for Kotlin’s Coroutine, which came to replace AsyncTask, but with much more possibilities and multiplatform support. In addition, Coroutines are now incorporated into the Jetpack’s Compose menu.

Even the animations have gained new features in Jetpack. According to Google, they are now easier to use and can now be viewed in Android Studio, so you can test them before you even implement your application. Learn more about Android Studio here.


As you can see above, another novelty is that Android Studio is now much more integrated with Jetpack Compose, showing all the changes made to the right viewer in real time. Previously it was necessary to implement the app for the visualization to be updated.


Now the Layout Inspector also offers integration with Jetpack, showing more details and components of the interface separately as in the GIF above, which was not possible in the previous version, where only a screenshot was displayed.


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