Jet Li saved the life of Liu Yifei, Mulan, on film recording


Jet Li saved the life of Liu Yifei, Mulan, on film recording
The live-action Mulan arrived on the Disney + platform on Friday (4), after several attempts to launch it in theaters. The world is familiar with the story, but the faces that star in the production are unknown to the majority. The title character is played by actress Liu Yifei, who has an extensive career in China – she was even saved by Jet Li, Mulan’s partner, in a previous film.

Both starred in The Forbidden Kingdom, 2008, which almost ended in tragedy. In a recent interview, Liu told how Jet Li intervened while recording a scene and saved her from a potential death. “I remember that we had to ride a horse in a straight line and at full speed, while a truck was in front of us to capture the images. It was very fast! I just couldn’t stop my horse, ”says the actress.

To make matters worse, the scene was recorded on a mountainous road, with the risk of serious accidents. According to Liu, even though Li was also riding his animal quickly, he managed to stop the horse of the set mate, preventing her from falling over or, worse, rolling over the mountain. The Forbidden Kingdom was quite successful, even in the West, for being the first film to put Jet Li and Jackie Chan face to face.

In Mulan, Jet Li plays the emperor of China, while Liu Wifei takes on the role of the warrior. It is worth mentioning that the role has several scenes with horses, but fortunately, no problems happened this time. Liu did countless hours of training with horses – and Li was around, in any case …


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