Jessie James Decker’s Family: Inside Her Relationship with Sister Sydney, Brother James and others


There may no longer be reality TV cameras tracking Jessie James Decker, but her fans are still keeping up with her and her family.

The “I Need a Man” singer and her husband, former NFL player Eric Decker, have been documenting their lives for three seasons on the E! channel Eric & Jessie. The couple, who married in 2013, have three children: Vivian (born in 2014), Eric Jr. (born in 2015) and Forrest (born in 2018).

Jessie’s family also has two of her siblings — Sydney Ray Bass (nee James) and John James. While Sydney frequently appeared on Eric & Jessie (and all of her sister’s social media), speculation that there had been an argument between Jessie and John made headlines for years after she (and their mother, Karen Parker) seemed to unsubscribe from her brother. and his wife Ellie James (nee Green) on Instagram.

John finally addressed the family feud in May 2022, revealing that he recently saw designer Kittenish and Sydney for the first time after not talking for years.

“With Sydney [we picked up] from where we left off. You know, we were having fun, joking, fooling around, as always historically happened together. But it wasn’t until a couple of days after that that we actually saw Jess. And it was just very heartfelt for my mother’s sake, I would say. There were definitely no revelations or anything like that,” John said on the “The Spillover” podcast.

John, who did not go into details about their estrangement, said that previously he did not think there was “any chance at all” to be in the same room with his brothers, sisters and mother until Parker asked to visit her seven grandchildren. her birthday is in April 2022.

“[My mom] wanted us all to be together for our birthday, and I was really hesitating whether to go because I just didn’t want to go, and then it was awkward — of course, you know, some of us didn’t talk. years,” he explained. “But we decided to do it for her. And it was, frankly, amazing. It was amazing not only for us, but also for the kids, as if seeing all the kids playing together was… sounds silly, but it seemed like a dream come true.”

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Eric Decker

The couple have been inseparable since they started dating in 2011, and exchanged vows two years later. The parents of the three have had different opinions about the expansion of their brood over the years.

“I told him he should just stay for a minute. I’m not sure it’s in the cards for us, but you never know. He doesn’t want to do anything with it all the time, so he leaves everything open. I’m not, but he is.”

Karen Parker

Jessie’s mother lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband Steve. She was delighted to see all seven of her “uniquely individual and wonderful grandchildren” together for the first time in April 2022.

“Everyone was nice,” Ellie said of the reunion. “It was normal. Everything was fine. It wasn’t like everyone was going crazy together, but it was just a family meeting.”

Sydney Ray Bass

Sister Jessie married MLB pitcher Anthony Bass in January 2017. The couple has two daughters. Brooklyn was born in September 2017, when Sydney was 28 weeks pregnant, and the baby spent several weeks in the intensive care unit before returning home in November of the same year.

In June 2020, the couple announced that they would adopt a girl, and in October 2020 they would bring Blair home.

Jesse and Sydney stayed close during their alleged altercation with John.

John James

John started dating Ellie when he was 19 and she was 17. When they got engaged in December 2017, his sisters were present, who even went shopping with Ellie in November 2018.

“I said yes to my dress!! It was the most amazing experience with 4/6 of my bridesmaids, my mom and future mother—in-law,” she wrote at the time on Instagram. “I am so grateful that everyone came to New York for this! And special thanks to @bridalreflectionsny and @galialahav for making my dreams of a dress come true 👰🏼 #allthetears”.

While Sydney gave Ellie a baby shower in November 2019, Jessie didn’t seem to be present. A few months earlier, Ellie shared a photo with Jesse and John at the singer’s “best show” in April 2019.

They had a daughter, Emmy, in December 2019 and a daughter, Callie, in June 2021.

Full family

“I don’t want our little girls to miss out on wonderful aunts, uncles and cousins,” John said of his family solving their problems in May 2022. — So I definitely think this is the beginning. There are still many wounds to heal, but I definitely think this is the beginning of something great.”