Jessie and James will appear more in Pokémon GO


Jessie and James, the charismatic villains of the Pokémon anime, were already present in the Pokémon GO game, but finding them was not the most common thing in the world. With that in mind, developer Niantic has announced that it will increase its appearance rate.

In an official Twitter post for the game, it is possible to confirm the information: “We received news that Jessie and James will leave the Pokémon Go game on September 30th, but they are preparing for a last wave of confusion! Be aware of your Meowth balloon, which will appear more often near you! ”

Remember that to find the balloons, you need to pay attention to the circular shadows on the floor, or expand the camera and increase your field of view by sliding two fingers across the touch screen, being able to look at the sky.

Have you ever faced Jessie and James? Are you going to play more Pokémon Go in the next few days in hopes of finding them? Comment below!

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