Jessica Thivenin weighs in on new candidates


Jessica Thivenin is part of the cast of Marseillais Dubaï. She made some revelations on the set of reality TV.

Jessica Thivenin will soon be back on TV in Les Marseillais Dubaï. Thibault Garcia’s wife has made some revelations on the set as well as the cast of this season.

Jessica Thivenin is back in reality TV. Over a year ago, the star gave birth to a baby boy. She had a difficult pregnancy and Maylone had to have surgery at birth because of a deformity.

So, for months, Thibault Garcia’s wife focused on her family life. However, now that Maylone is in great shape, she is much better. She has gained confidence in her role as a mother and wants to be more relaxed.

The fans were therefore able to see her again there is little in the season of the Marseillais. Jessica Thivenin was happy to be doing reality TV again with her husband. Moreover, this past season was not lacking in twists and there were a lot of clashes.

But while Les Marseillais Dubaï is in preparation, the 31-year-old star has confirmed his presence. She also announced that Thibault Garcia will be in the casting.


Jessica Thivenin will soon make her return to Les Marseillais to the delight of fans. The starlet is very happy to return to reality TV and this new season promises to be intense. Indeed, she made some revelations about the cast and the vibe of the first day of filming.

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“We disappeared today because here we are filming in the Marseillais! Everything is going well, we met the new guys today so it was a great day. There are already plenty of stories! “, She confided on Snapchat.

Jessica Thivenin was therefore able to meet the new personalities of the Marseillais Dubai. She has already got to know them and they made a good impression! »I am very happy with the new ones. They are top! », She confided.

So, will the good understanding remain between Jessica and the other candidates of the Marseillais? We will have to wait to find out more. In addition to Thibault Garcia’s wife, fans will have the chance to meet Marine El Himer and Carla Moreau. A golden cast that also announces many stories!


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