Jessica Thivenin: this everyday gesture she didn’t master!


Jessica Thivenin has just published a new story on Instagram account. She reveals a daily gesture that she struggles to do.

Jessica Thivenin has just posted a new story on her Instagram account. She decided to make fun of herself and more specifically of a gesture that she does not particularly master.

Jessica Thivenin is currently broadcasting on W9 on Les Marseillais VS Le rest du monde. The young woman has made her comeback after a few months of absence. The least that can be said is that his return was particularly noticed.

And for good reason, from the minutes, the young woman violently attacked Carla Moreau. And for good reason, the two reality TV candidates had a New Year’s dispute.

Indeed, Jessica Thivenin invited her parents to the restaurant but she did not want them to pay.

A situation that really pissed off Ruby’s mom and let her know. And after a few minutes in the house, the two young women got into a fight!


Jessica Thivenin: this everyday gesture that she does not really master!
Yesterday in Les Marseillais Vs Le Reste du Monde, Julien Tanti launched the game of problems. The latter has created a mess like never before in the house since Milla has returned. The candidate therefore faced her ex Mujdat.

But for the young woman to stay, Les Marseillais and the opposing team had to pass several tests. And one of them was pretty epic.

Indeed, to keep Milla in the adventure, Marine and Jessica Thivenin faced each other in a special stage. Unrolled toilet paper.

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The candidate who managed to unroll her roll as quickly as possible won the event. But Jessica Thivenin forgot a detail, take it off beforehand.

So she didn’t manage to unroll her paper at all in front of her laughing comrades. Jessica Thivenin therefore decided to share the moment as a story on her Instagam account. And she was able to show that she had a lot of self-deprecation!


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