Jessica Thivenin: Thibault is preparing a surprise for her!


On her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) explained to her fans that Thibault Garcia was preparing a nice surprise for her!

This Saturday, February 13, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) told her fans that her husband Thibault Garcia had prepared a nice surprise for her. And the least we can say is that she was really looking forward to it.

On her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) said: “He told me you take swimsuits, we are going to relax. Very good. I can not wait. I need to relax, I’m tired. ”

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) also added: “I’m a little sad to leave my son, but it’s okay, it’s 24 hours (…)”. This Sunday, she also made new confidences about her surprise.

The young woman explained: “I haven’t taken a snap since this morning because I’m packing my little suitcase. I gather everything already on the bed of what I’m going to take. We only leave this afternoon and we come back tomorrow morning so it’s fine ”.

She also revealed, “My husband took Maylone to nursery. He too will be left at home with his nani. (…) I didn’t miss because my darling told me we were going to the pool, that we were going to sunbathe “.

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) also told her fans: “And eat at the bottom of the pool. He also said that tonight we would eat a little bit at the restaurant. I don’t know where we’re going. But I already know that we are going to be swimming “.


Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) continued: “And tan, relax, chill, quiet. I am so happy. (…) It’s my Valentine’s Day, it’s my surprise, I’m the first to be ready “.

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Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) also revealed: “We are in a hotel in the desert that I wanted to try too much. I am so happy. It will be relaxation, rest. Very cool. It’s so pretty ”.

Finally, the reality TV candidate also concluded: “We are in the desert. There is the pool, everything is too beautiful. I was even given a little rose “. And the least that can be said is that it benefits it all.

She has also shared several videos where she displayed herself by the pool with Thibault Garcia (Les Marseillais). The fans tried to spot his baby bump. But the young woman has a flat stomach for now.

It must be said that it is a bit early to see her round belly. We will have to wait a few months. Fans are also excited to see if Maylone’s mom is expecting another baby boy or baby girl.

Like Jessica Thivenin, they are eager to learn more. Case to follow!


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