Jessica Thivenin: Thibault Garcia would be jealous!


On her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin shared videos where she confided that her darling Thibault Garcia had become too jealous!

It has been a few years since Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia decided to get into a relationship. The two got married and had an adorable baby boy named Maylone. Very active on the networks, they reveal their daily life.

This Wednesday, December 23, Jessica Thivenin shared several videos on her Snapchat account. The pretty blonde showed off her try on ultra sexy dresses. It was also her husband Thibault Garcia who filmed it.

Jessica Thivenin then made revelations about the jealousy of her darling. She said, “You know what? He’s the one filming me. He looks at me. And he’s like, ‘Yeah though, that’s for when we’re both home!’ “.

The young woman also added: “He became jealous. I used to go out with this kind of dresses with my little flat body, he didn’t tell me anything sir ”. Maylone’s dad decided to defend himself on the social network.


Jessica Thivenin’s husband also confided: “You wanted to do stuff, now you have to assume. When you have a body that is flatter it goes cream. When you have a body that is tanned, you catch the eye ”.

Thibault Garcia also revealed: “And before, you didn’t attract him too much. Now you will attract him a lot more. So we will start to ban things! “. The reality TV candidate then spoke.

She said, “Do you prefer me in pajamas?” “. The young man then explained: “Like that at home there is no problem, but like that outside. Just for girl’s night ”.

Not long ago, it was Inès Sberro who also weighed on the jealousy of Jessica Thivenin. The latter would have had a crisis in Thibault when Wejdene came!


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