Jessica Thivenin: Thibault Garcia in heaven with Maylone!


On his Instagram account, Thibault Garcia, the darling of Jessica Thivenin, appeared very happy with his son Maylone. Find out why

Fans of Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin must be reassured day by day. Indeed, their son Maylone is doing better over time. Because, some were perhaps unaware of it, but this one was born with big health concerns. In the end, everything seems to be back to normal and so much the better.

This allows his parents to be able to breathe and really enjoy their new life. Indeed, each day that passes allows the happiness of the beautiful kid and the pretty blonde to grow. Well it shows on their social networks.

Just see the photos and videos shared by Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin. The latter, posting numerous publications with their little boy. The latter, not ceasing to display his smile proving his happiness.

The time seems far away when we fear for his life. While he didn’t stay out of the woods, we can still be a lot more optimistic about his health, and that’s good.

As a result, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia will be able to spend a Christmas a little quieter than the previous one.


Because yes, although we still have a good month left before the arrival of Santa Claus, Thibault and his wife already seem ready to welcome him. You only have to see the young man’s last post to realize it.

The darling of Jessica Thivenin, posing in front of a Christmas tree already made and well decorated with her son. A tree that seems to please the child very much when we see the sublime smile displayed by the latter when he poses in front of it.

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Whether Maylone is going to be spoiled on December 25 remains to be seen. But given the joy he has given his parents since arriving, we don’t really worry about that. Indeed, he should receive a shower of gifts from the couple.

We wish very happy holidays, a little in advance, to Jessica Thivenin and the rest of the family.


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