Jessica Thivenin: The weird challenge she loves to take on!


In the Story of her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin admits to launching a somewhat particular challenge: to refrain from peeing!

Jessica Thivenin is not the type to have secrets. Even when they should be kept quiet …

To date, who does not know Jessica Thivenin? A key figure in reality TV, she is one of the most popular influencers around.

Like you, the young mother is also very addicted to her social networks. Whenever she can, the influencer immortalizes her daily life alongside her darling Thibault Garcia and their little Maylone. And obviously, everything is rolling for them. In any case, their happiness is a pleasure to see!

Adjusting to their son’s nursery is going quite well. And in the absence of the latter, the couple take the opportunity to recharge the batteries.

A few hours ago during a shopping session, Jessica Thivenin made a confession to her fans …


In Story of her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin explains that she is launching a challenge: “I don’t know why I’m doing this, don’t ask me. That is, I wanted to pee when I left the house. So I have a toilet at home, I have plenty! But I don’t know why, it looks like I’m doing a bladder contest! ”.

Then she continues: “Well, now I want more and more! I’m still not going anyway, I don’t know why! Sometimes I don’t go to disaster! I don’t know why I hold back so much each time. Besides, it’s not good, every time I am told! But I’m not doing it on purpose! ”.

“So I’m going to have to work very quickly, to get in the taxi quickly and to pee at my house.” I definitely set a goal: not to pee (here) ”concludes Jessica Thivenin.

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It remains to be seen if this info delighted his fans …


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