Jessica Thivenin, the tree full of Christmas gifts!


On social networks, Jessica Thivenin shared her big Christmas tree with a lot of gifts. She was inundated! For the end of the year celebrations, Jessica Thivenin and her little family went to their house in France. For Christmas, she was spoiled!

Jessica Thivenin is in heaven! Indeed, the reality TV contestant is back in France to spend the end of the year holidays with her family.

And yesterday, she therefore spent New Years Eve with her relatives! A very important moment of celebration which therefore made her mad with joy.

Yesterday, Jessica Thivenin said in her Instagram story that she was happier than ever. And for good reason ! All her family, as well as that of her darling were gathered for New Years Eve and D-Day!

So she said, “Tonight is New Years Eve. We’re lucky because we don’t have a blended family and that allows us to have New Years Eve together! ”

“We bring everyone together. Everyone comes to the house, my family, Thibault’s. And we are having Christmas Eve together! ”

“Every year, we get to have Christmas Eve together. Everyone sleeps at home and on the 25th, at noon, we have a little Christmas Eve with my brother-in-law’s wife as well! ”


So you understand, Jessica Thivenin is very happy at the idea of ​​opening the presents with the family: “Tomorrow Santa Claus will be over so he will open all his presents! ”

“Anyway, it’s too good Christmas! I love this moment everyone gets together: we eat well, we laugh, we party … It’s so good! ”

And justly ! On December 25, Jessica Thivenin therefore shared all the Christmas gifts on Snapchat! His family will therefore be very spoiled!


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