Jessica Thivenin: The enthusiasm she took very well!


In her Snapchat Story, Jessica Thivenin confided in the subject of a big rich whim that she assumes very well.

On social networks Jessica Thivenin shared with her fans her little wealthy whim. Fan of luxury cars, the pretty blonde has confessed about her preferences in terms of cars.

And the pretty blonde therefore has luxury tastes. Thibault Garcia’s sweetheart took to Snapchat to talk about the cars she prefers.

And the reality TV candidate seems to have a preference for 4 × 4. Indeed, on Snapchat, the candidate of the Marseillais affirmed that she preferred the 4 × 4 to the sports cars, therefore.

“Well, we’re in a convoy of cars, and my favorite thing is 4 × 4s than sports cars. Each time, I leave it to my husband, because I feel so small in sports cars, ”she said.


Car fan for a long time, the pretty blonde and her husband therefore own several beautiful vintage cars. Among them, a pretty Bugatti worth several thousand euros.

A month ago, Thibault and Jessica shared their visit to a luxury car dealership. And so their choice fell on an Italian car.

And it’s not the only car the reality TV couple own. Indeed, the two lovebirds also own a beautiful Lamborghini.

The latter, very spacious, therefore allows you to take long walks with Maylone. A few weeks ago, Jessica Thivenin made the web laugh.

Indeed, after her last cosmetic surgery, it was impossible for the pretty blonde to drive or even sit in a car. Thibault’s sweetheart had to lie down in the back of her Lamborghini, so much she was in pain.

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