Jessica Thivenin takes care to educate Maylone!

On her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) explained to her fans that she took care to raise her little boy Maylone!

Over a year ago, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) gave birth to her first child. A little boy named Maylone who really makes her happy. And the least that can be said is that she is also very careful with her education.

In the middle of the week, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) confided in the subject of her son. First, she explained that she was very careful with her diet. He is not allowed to eat nonsense.

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) said: “I don’t want him to get too used to eating nonsense. He is only 1.5 years old. When he is older, he will eat nonsense. He never drank coke, ice tea. ”

The young woman also added: “He drinks only water or his organic juices. I’m a bit of a sucker mom. He doesn’t watch TV. I am drunk. You must tell yourself that I am the craziest mother.

The Marseille candidate explained: “I want my son to eat well, healthily. He had esophageal trouble when he was born so I want to be careful. And there’s also the fact that he doesn’t watch TV. He has toys ”.

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) also balked: “And he has more to entertain himself rather than a screen. When he is a little older he will look. So far, I have not given in on the screens “.


Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) continued: “When it comes to food, I’m very strict too. He ate a piece of chocolate two or three times. He eats well. Everything is home cooked and organic ”.

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) also made things clear: “When I say I don’t want him to look bad it’s because I want him to cry if he’s in pain or if he’s in trouble. We don’t cry all day for nothing, if there is no reason ”.

Finally, the reality TV contestant even admitted, “I’m boring, I explain things to my son and I do what I want. Everyone educates their children as they wish. I do not judge. I do as I want “.

It must be said that since becoming a public figure, the pretty blonde often has to face criticism from haters. She also has to speak from time to time to explain certain things.

Regarding her son Maylone, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) also seems very happy with the life she is giving him. But also values ​​that she instilled in him from birth. She also seems proud to keep her goals with Maylone.



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