Jessica Thivenin surprises her fans with her family portrait


Jessica Thivenin made her followers happy! The cause ? Via Instagram, the star shared an adorable family portrait.

Every day, Jessica Thivenin feeds her social networks. And a few hours ago, the star also posted a cute family photo that was unanimous with his fans. MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

To date, Jessica Thivenin is one of the most popular influencers on Instagram. Without filter, the young woman enjoys exposing her daily life on this social network.

Last I heard, all is well for her! As always, she continues to inspire her community.

And her admirers are always on the lookout when she posts something. It’s no secret, but Jessica Thivenin is also very careful with her look.

Lately, she’s been causing a stir with an incredible pink wig! And this new hair style suited her perfectly. Whatever she wears, everything suits her.

But what her followers love most of all … is when she posts adorable family photos!

Jessica Thivenin fait craquer ses fans avec ce superbe portrait de famille !


For several years, Jessica Thivenin has lived elsewhere in Dubai with her little family! Alongside his darling Thibault Garcia and their little Maylone, the star makes his followers dream with his dream life.

Like a true businesswoman, the influencer also has a busy daily life. She therefore continues to make partnerships with the biggest labels.

Yes, the brands have understood that his name and his image are selling. But whatever happens, Jessica Thivenin’s priority remains her son!

Nothing is too good for her son. On the Web, the young mother also enjoys immortalizing the many activities she does with him.

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Jessica Thivenin likens her son Maylone to "thumb"!

Smiling and curious, his adorable little face often melts Internet users. A few hours ago, the pretty blonde cracked her community again with a new Instagram photo.

Facing the camera, Jessica Thivenin and her clan appear very smiling. “Forever”, captioned the young woman in her post which has collected multiple likes and comments. So cute!


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