Jessica Thivenin succumbs to the Pillow Challenge and the result is amazing


On her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin shared a photo where she made her fans laugh. Indeed, she succumbed to the Pillow Challenge!

Since containment has emerged, many challenges have emerged on social networks. After the baby face challenge or the juggling with toilet paper, Jessica Thivenin took up the Pillow Challenge on Instagram.

Very active on social networks, Jessica Thivenin often shares her daily life with her fans for their greatest happiness. But that’s not all. From time to time she decides to let go by participating in completely wacky challenges.

This time, a new challenge has emerged . This is the Pillow Challenge. The goal ? Dress yourself with a pillow. A funny little game that helps pass the time during quarantine. Jessica Thivenin participated.

This Friday, April 10, the young mother also posted a new photo on her Instagram account. She also displayed at home in Dubai with a feather pillow . To complete her rather funny look, she also opted for a belt at the waist.


In caption of her Instagram photo, Jessica Thivenin also wrote : “Special containment outfit . It is missing more than the quilt and we are on top . ” With her picture, she has collected more than 208,000 “likes” in just one hour from her fans.

In the comments, the latter also confessed that they were fans. It must be said that the reality TV candidate will have made the web laugh by participating in this challenge. To keep busy during quarantine, she also participated in the rather funny challenge.

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Under her photo, her fans also wrote: “Even like that you look beautiful. “,” Wow, successful. “, ” Too pretty. “,” Too beautiful the best. “,” The most successful for the moment is my opinion of course. “But also” Best Challenger you have not forgotten any details you are really the best ” .


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