Jessica Thivenin stops shooting Marseilles!


On her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin explained to her fans that she had left the filming of the Marseillais in Dubai for now!

For several weeks now, Jessica Thivenin has been in the Marseillais’ villa in Dubai. And the least we can say is that all this is not easy. The pretty blonde has even left the set for the time being.

This Sunday, January 17, fans of Jessica Thivenin were worried to see the pretty blonde back home. Some have thought that she left the filming of Marseillais in Dubai because of the stories.

It must be said that since the start of the adventure, the reality TV candidates have been teasing big clashes on social networks. This is particularly the case of Jessica Thivenin. By dint of shouting, the latter has no more voice.

On her Snapchat account, she said: “As you hear, my voice is gone, we shout a lot. I can’t tell you the reasons, but there is a lot of shouting in the villa. So my throat hurts too much! “.

The young woman had also explained: “There’s a lot going on! The adventure is too good, we all get along well even though there are a lot of problems and stories. There are a lot of connections ”.

Finally, Jessica Thivenin confessed: “And a lot of settling of scores too. So that’s too good “. Maeva Ghennam, who has just returned to the villa, has also teased big clashes.


It looks like this year’s reality TV contestants are screaming a lot. Carla Moreau also shared her stories on social networks. Jessica Thivenin fans can’t wait to check out the episodes.

In the meantime, some are wondering why Thibault Garcia’s wife is back home. On Snapchat, they noticed she was back home. It’s for good reason. Indeed, Jessica Thivenin has found Maylone.

Since she lives in Dubai, she was able to return home during the day off filming. The mother can therefore enjoy her little boy. On the other hand, Jessica Thivenin explained that she was not feeling very well.

She revealed, “I have no more voice. Yesterday I had a complete loss of voice. My voice died out. There it is better, I can speak. I have a sore throat. I am always barefoot. We take the drafts, there is the air conditioning “.

Jessica Thivenin also explained: “We speak loudly too. A bit of everything at the same time. I would love to sleep so much for two days in a row I swear. Make two big fat ‘”.

Finally, the candidate concluded: “I’m enjoying Sunday. The rest we are filming so it’s not easy “. To be continued!


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