Jessica Thivenin still criticized as a mother!


Jessica Thivenin is at the heart of a new controversy! The star of the Marseillais has been attacked over the education of Maylone!

Jessica Thivenin continues to attract the wrath of internet users! Indeed, the candidate of Marseillais shocked Internet users by offering a gift to her son! And the latter did not hesitate to call her a bad mother!

Jessica Thivenin is definitely not done talking about her! Indeed, the pretty blonde has not stopped making the buzz on social networks for several months!

The star of the Marseillais loves to post her daily life on social networks. Family life, projects, travels … she tells all her adventures without language.

Internet users are therefore numerous to follow the slightest deeds and gestures of the future mother. And they do not hesitate to criticize her at the slightest misstep!

After shocking Internet users with her natural photos, Jessica Thivenin again made the Web tremble this Tuesday, February 23. Indeed, the star of the Marseillais filmed himself offering several balloons to her son Maylone.

The little boy loves to play with balls. Her parents have fun giving him new balls regularly. A gift that does not seem to the taste of Internet users!

Indeed, the haters accused the Marseille couple of stupefying Maylone by buying him only balloons. An unacceptable criticism for Jessica Thivenin who hastened to restore the truth on Snapchat!

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) still criticized as a mother!


The young mother does not want to let such criticism go by. So she decided to give a huge rant on her Snapchat account.

The star of the Marseillais declares: “Just a quick note for those who say to me ‘Buy your son balls, you can’t buy him anything else’, meddle with your c * l! ”

Jessica Thivenin refuses to be called a bad mother! She continues: “He’s very happy to have boules, he plays with boules. It used to be plastic water bottles, I used to give him all the water bottles I had ”

“The boules make him happy, maybe after that it will be the helicopters, the planes, I don’t know but I will please him with whatever will please him in due time.” What to silence the bad tongues!

Once again, the Marseille star did not hesitate to reframe his haters on the Web! The star immediately put things straight to stop the controversy over her role as a mother!

Thibault Garcia’s sweetheart has received hundreds of messages of support from her fans. The latter did not hesitate to defend it against such attacks.

Like what, Maylone’s mom can count on her community! The star then continues to share his daily life despite the few criticisms of his detractors!


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