Jessica Thivenin still cold with Manon Marsault?


While Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti are preparing to find the Marseillais, they will also see Jessica Thivenin!

While Manon Marsault and her darling have still not integrated the filming of the Marseillais in Dubai because of the covid … many wonder if, when she arrives in the villa, Tiago’s mother will reconcile with Jessica Thivenin …

While they have been friends for years, not long ago, the bond was severed between Manon Marsault and Jessica Thivenin! Indeed, even the king of problems, Julien Tanti, resents the latter!

Indeed, via his Snap chat story, the candidate had not hesitated to cut Maylone’s mother to pieces… No doubt, following that, their friendship had indeed been broken!

However, for several weeks, Internet users have heard no more about this clash! So, during a Manon Marsault live, a fan asked her if the tensions had eased with Jessica Thivenin!

A question to which Julien Tanti’s darling answered “No comment”, all while nodding her head as if to say no! Proof that Tiago and Angelina’s mom isn’t ready to bury the hatchet with Jessica …


While Jessica Thivenin is currently filming for the last season of the Marseillais… The latter still wanted to give her news to her fans! To do so, the mom unveiled a sublime shot of herself and her husband!

A photo on Instagram that the young woman of 31 years captioned as follows: “Lots of kisses, we think of you! A nice touch her millions of Instagram followers loved!

Indeed, you only have to read the many comments to realize it! “The most beautiful”, “Thank you for thinking of us Jessica Thivenin”, “can’t wait to watch the new season of Marseille on TV! ”

Can we read on the social network! Comments that will therefore please the latter!


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