Jessica Thivenin shocks her fans with her belly!


Jessica Thivenin is talked about a lot. Her pregnancy is creating a buzz. Moreover, a photo of the mother of Marseilles is very intriguing.

Jessica Thivenin has announced that she is expecting a second child. The Marseillais fans were therefore delighted. And yet, a photo with Thibault makes the Web tremble.

The Marseillais family continues to grow. And for good reason, the candidates of the program are gradually starting to found their families. Too cute !

So, W9 viewers love to follow these adventures. Moreover, the channel does not hesitate to film and broadcast the births of mothers. Something to delight fans of the show then.

In fact, during the filming of Marseillais season 10 Jessica announced her pregnancy. Maylone’s mother is therefore a few weeks pregnant.

Thus, after Tiago, Maylone, Ruby, Angelina and Zlatan, the Marseillais family will welcome a new frat baby.

Members of the Marseillais were therefore delighted to hear the news. It is true that this shoot was rich in twists and turns. Not bad !

Jessica Thivenin immediately announced this happy event to her fans. On Insta she then posts a tender shot. The Web has therefore cracked.

Since then, Internet users have observed the smallest actions of the pretty blonde. Today, a photo with her husband is agitating social media. His stomach shocks them therefore.


The Marseillais stood out a lot during Valentine’s Day. And for good reason, after Maeva Ghennam and Greg, it’s Jessica Thivenin’s turn to make people talk about her.

And as usual, Thibault’s darling does not do things by halves. Not surprising !

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On the occasion of the feast of lovers, the young parents took time for themselves. More in love than ever, they decided to shout their love from the rooftops.

So, the couple took some pretty pictures of that day. Around a swimming pool, they then posed in swimsuits. And since nothing escapes Internet users, they then noticed a small detail.

Indeed, the belly of the young mother surprised her fans. A few weeks pregnant, her baby bump has not yet decided to point the tip of her nose.

Moreover, the star of the Marseillais had then explained that for Maylone his belly had been seen at 4 months.

And yet, Internet users have let loose in comment. “The photos are not from now because you don’t look pregnant” or “His stomach is still ultra flat, just after a raclette, I look 10 times more pregnant than she. ”

Thus, fans of the Marseillais are very surprised. It is true that his body is something to be jealous of. But don’t panic, her little belly should round up quickly. To be continued.


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