Jessica Thivenin: She loves to turn her house upside down!


The beautiful Jessica Thivenin has a little whirlwind at home … As soon as Maylone passes in a room, immediately after it is the mess!

Jessica Thivenin is tired … Indeed, after having recovered Maylone at the nursery he turned the house upside down!

For the past few months, the Garcia couple have been blowing their teeth and enjoying their happiness… Their son is doing well!

Indeed, after a complicated pregnancy, a difficult childbirth and months of hardship, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault see their little boy evolving normally! A big victory for young parents!

The Marseillais couple are living a daydream alongside a happy and healthy little Maylone! Besides, the boy almost walks! Wow!

In Instagram story, Jessica Thivenin never hesitates to show it to us… We find him too cute!

However, Thibault’s son is starting to do her first stupid things and to have quite a character … Hmm, that reminds us of someone!


It seems that the boy is like her mother: a real tornado! Indeed, he already has a strong character and he makes it known!

Yesterday, Jessica Thivenin had decided that Maylone would put on a cap… However, the little boy had decided otherwise!

As soon as her  mom put it back on her head, he took it off. He made us laugh!

This morning, Thibault and Jess’ son did not want to go to the nursery… He therefore made her parents pay when they returned home…

Jessica Thivenin showed us the state of the house after her visit… Maylone had made a mess in: her room, her father’s and her mother’s!

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