Jessica Thivenin : she announces a very good news!


Even Jessica Thivenin seems very surprised at the speed at which her little boy is gaining weight and height, the latter is doing well. Indeed, a few days ago, she let her fans know that her baby was growing too fast. Preferring to see him all his life. Yet it is simply the course of life. The pretty blonde knows it and realizes it for some time. Let your subscribers know:

“He’s getting tall. He was very small. I will be too nostalgic when I go to see that after. This is so cute. He becomes too tall this gentleman. I am shocked as he grew up. But Jessica Thivenin and Thibault’s baby does not just take inches. Indeed, the young mother announced a few hours ago that Maylone was also gaining weight.

It seems far back when Maylone was in an incubator and was not very thick. Indeed, since he returned, Jessica Thivenin’s baby is doing well. Very well even. The young mother, announcing to her subscribers that she and Thibault had visited the doctor with their little boy.

So doing the report of this visit and also taking the opportunity to tell the good news. Namely, how many grams he had taken. It seems that Jessica Thivenin’s son eats very well, because according to her, he took 500 grams:

“This morning we went to the doctor for the little gentleman. Well, what do you know? He took 500 grams! In 10 days! Look at this big man. When I tell you that he is growing up too fast, it’s going too fast … He was too cute and wise there he cuddled daddy. We still hope that Jessica Thivenin’s baby is not going to get too fat either. But when you know your dad, no doubt he will follow a “suitable diet” if he needs it.


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