Jessica Thivenin satisfied: she poses with Thibault Garcia!


It’s been several years since Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia are in a relationship. A couple who, at first, surprised the Web a lot. If some thought their relationship was not going to last, they proved the opposite. After getting married, the two lovebirds announced that they were expecting a child. And more than a month ago, their son, Maylone, was born.

But the couple does not forget that. This Tuesday, November 26, Jessica Thivenin also shared two photos on her Instagram account where she posed with Thibault Garcia. Both took the pose in the streets of Dubai. With the eyes of love, they also seem to be happy with each other.

In legend of her Instagram photos, Jessica Thivenin also wrote: “I love my life with you. I am happy every morning when I wake up at your side. Happiness the real thing. With her pictures, she has collected more than 131,000 “likes” in just one hour from her fans. In the comments, they did not fail to compliment the couple. It must be said that reality TV candidates also appear happier than ever. Besides, they do not miss to make dream the Web.

Under his clichés, his fans also wrote to the mother: “The most beautiful. And the most sincere in their relationship since the beginning superb family with the wonderful little Meus Maylone. “, ” You’re really beautiful. Even more by having removed the injections of your upper lip. Long live to you 3. “,” You are too beautiful. “,” You are a beautiful couple I adore you. Jessica you are very beautiful. But maternity has made you sublime. But also “No wonder Maylone is so cute with such beautiful parents who breathe happiness and love.”


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