Jessica Thivenin satisfied mom: she reveals a new photo of adorable family!


Jessica Thivenin is a fulfilled woman. Since the birth of her son, the mother connects the clichés of her little one on Instagram. This time, it’s a family photo that Maylone’s mother posted …

Jessica Thivenin is swimming in happiness, and it shows! Indeed, on her social networks, the mother speaks only of her son and the joy he gives him. Thus, faithful to herself, the Marseillaise has just posted a statement to her son on Instagram. A message accompanied by a nice family photo!

Once again, the mother speaks to her son Maylone. “When love makes sense, I do not have a strong enough word. My biggest pride is having built my family. My best achievement ❤️! Touching words that have melted internet users.

Just a few weeks ago, Jessica Thivenin gave birth to her first child. If at first, the young mother did not want to show his face, the latter has just changed his mind! Indeed, after presenting Maylone to the Marseillais, Jessica immediately decided to present it to her fans. Since then, the young woman continues to share adorable clichés of her son … To the delight of Internet users! This time, it’s a family portrait that Jessica Thivenin decided to post on Instagram. Indeed, in the photo, Maylone is in the arms of Jessica, while Thibault Garcia stands next to them. A nice family picture extremely commented by Internet users.

Indeed, the publication was a hit on Instagram. She accumulates almost 500,000 likes … A real record! Internet users have therefore to comment en masse. “But you are really too beautiful. Especially you Jessica Thivenin, I love your family! Long live all three of you! Can we read that?