Jessica Thivenin reveals the health protocol!


Jessica Thivenin talks about the sanitary protocol implemented on the set of the show Les Marseillais in Dubai! We tell you everything.

Jessica Thivenin opens up about the health protocol on the set of Les Marseillais in Dubai.

Filming for Les Marseillais à Dubaï has finally started. Eh yes ! Indeed, the family of famous Marseilles found themselves this time under the sun of the United Arab Emirates.

Some made the trip to be able to attend. While the majority already live in the new eldorado of starlets.

But the current health situation has brought some changes in the villa of the French stars. The filming of the show Les Marseillais à Dubaï had to respect certain instructions. Eh yes !

In fact Jessica Thivenin wanted to talk about it with her fans. She then explained to her community the sanitary measures put in place on the set. We tell you everything.


The young starlet of the show Les Marseillais à Dubaï explains that the health protocol has become stricter. “Before, we had to do two tests a week, every two days. Now it’s a Covid test every day. »She admits.

Which doesn’t have to be very pleasant! “So now I can guarantee you that I am doing Covid tests without flinching. That is to say, my nose accepts it, it hurts even more. »Explains the young blonde.

“The whole villa is watched, there is really a big protocol that is put around this shoot. »She adds. She also explains that on Sundays she can go home.

But she must stay at home and avoid going out. Eh yes ! “Everything is monitored, everyone, even the production. Every day everyone goes there. »She finally confides.

We can imagine that the production team of the show Les Marseillais à Dubaï does not want to have problems because of the pandemic. Thus, she scrupulously respects the sanitary rules, at the risk of having to cancel the shooting. Stay tuned, up close.


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