Jessica Thivenin reveals an adorable photo with Maylone!


Jessica Thivenin of the Marseillais surprised the Web with her last photo on Instagram. A detail has not passed to Internet users.

The star of Marseillais Jessica Thivenin posted a photo on Instagram and moved the Web. And there is one detail that has not escaped the notice of Internet users.

Jessica Thivenin lives on a tiny cloud. Indeed, the reality TV star has set down in Dubai with plenty of other contestants from the Marseillais show.

There are also Maeva Ghennam, the Tanti and Benjamin Samat who all have their large villa in the United Arab Emirates. It has become the go-to spot for all reality TV celebrities.

But Jessica Thivenin does not live alone. Indeed her husband and her little boy Maylone follows her wherever she goes. She takes advantage of her new life to have a good time with her friends and especially Stéphanie.

The two young women have become inseparable since they took part in the new season of the Marseillais show. So close that they decided to go on vacation to the Maldives together!

And she didn’t hesitate to let her community know on social media. In a story, she explains that she is very happy to be able to take this trip with her friends from Marseilles.

Very good news then. But people are wondering how the pretty blonde is going to do as she is expecting her second child.

Indeed Jessica Thivenin awaits the advice of her doctor but she risks remaining bedridden during her stay.


Reality TV star Jessica Thivenin posts her daily life on Instagram. And this is her last photo that has internet users reacting. After being gone all day with Thibault Garcia, the star returned home to find her son Maylone.

The Marseille star has therefore decided to immortalize this moment. To then post the photo on social networks. On a golf cart, the 31-year-old woman hugs her son with a smile.

But there is one detail that has not escaped the Marseillais fans. Indeed they think Maylone’s mother is very tired judging her face in the photo.

That’s why we can read comments like: “you look too good in this picture but you look tired”. And the fans are right to be concerned.

Indeed Jessica Thivenin announced her pregnancy on January 26, 2021. Between the shootings, her son and soon a newcomer to the family. There is something to be tired of.

But fans can rest assured. The young woman will soon be able to rest in the sun. She will take advantage of these few days in the Maldives with her friends to get back on her feet.