Jessica Thivenin refuses to Maylone’s Christmas tree!


On social media, Jessica Thivenin announced that she was redecorating her Christmas tree. And she refuses that her son Maylone touches it!

A few days ago, Jessica Thivenin robbed a Christmas decoration store. She wants to redo her decor: “I decided to change the entire color of my tree. ”

“So I am buying balls and decorations. And I change everything! I like decorations and bowls too much. It’s so beautiful, it’s beautiful. ”

The only small problem: her son! Jessica Thivenin was already apprehensive about the fact that he could break everything: “Maylone is going to break everything on me. I’ll have to make a perimeter. We will teach him! ”

“My mom used to tell me that when I was little, I never touched it. So I’ll try to do the same with my son. So we’re going to teach him. ”

So did she manage to teach him not to touch the Christmas decorations? So she confided in her Snapchat account. And obviously it is not!


Indeed, she posted a video of Maylone crying. The reason ? So she asked him not to touch the tree. At the moment, he does not seem to understand this ban.

Jessica Thivenin argued over her, saying “she wasn’t happy!” Afterwards, she also showed the head of her tree. And it’s not over yet!

She even laughed about it since she hung the top star in a very zany way. But Internet users have no doubts about the future decoration of Thibault’s wife!

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