Jessica Thivenin ready to have a second child? She answers !


Jessica Thivenin gave birth more than a month ago and the starlet enjoys life with her husband. She explained to her fans if she wanted to have another child after Maylone.

On October 7th, Jessica Thivenin gave birth to little Maylone. The starlet had a complicated pregnancy since she had to lie down for a good part of her pregnancy. The birth of the baby has not been easy. Indeed, their son had to be operated urgently because of a malformation. Nevertheless, everything is better today and the star is enjoying his new life.

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia look after their son very well and they love him. The starlet is always at his side and the baby is growing well. Moreover, it is cracking fans every time she post a cliché with Maylone. Nevertheless, fans are already asking a question. The celebrity will she fall pregnant again? She is just recovering from childbirth and she has been clear about this.

Jessica Thivenin loves her son and she makes many videos of him. On Snapchat, the starlet has suggested she may have another child. “We thought it was only once in a lifetime pregnancy. Maybe two .. We’ll see, we’re not sure. She said on the social network; Thus, the starlet imagines giving a little brother or a little sister to Maylone. Nevertheless, she does not seem in a hurry and she wants to get used to her new mom’s life.

Thus, the complicated pregnancy of Jessica Thivenin does not seem to have traumatized her. The fans will be delighted with this news and we doubt that they will be very happy to see her again pregnant. For his part, Thibault Garcia did not seek to contradict his darling. So, we can think that he too, imagine having another child after Maylone!


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