Jessica Thivenin: product placement never happens!


Following a new product placement, Jessica Thivenin got tackled by the Marie_spy_news account editing her

Product placements have been around for many years now. Indeed, thanks to the latter, reality TV contestants, and even artists, can earn an even better living. Despite everything, this practice is not really appreciated by Internet users. Well, it’s probably not Jessica Thivenin who will say the opposite.

Because the darling of Thibault Garcia saw himself once again tackled on this subject after a failed placement. At the same time, when you have to promote 3 to 5 products a day, it can quickly become tiring.

It is also, and probably, for this reason that errors are perceived. Even if they earn thousands of euros for saying 3 words on a cream, a weight loss patch, or even tea, none of them have fun and neither does Jessica Thivenin.

Indeed, we can sense the weariness of some in front of their phone when they try to convince us about a specific product. However, when they don’t get up to speed, it gets even more so and gives us some pretty funny scenes.

Jessica Thivenin has already given us quite a few, and the Instagram account Marie_Spy_News has chosen to make a compilation.


Sometimes advertising something she isn’t using. Sometimes getting lost in his words. Or sometimes promoting a completely different product. Jessica Thivenin has offered us nice ones for several years.

Despite everything, the darling of Thibault Garcia admits to failing many times. And take it with humor. Not sure, however, that tweeters take it the same way. Indeed, they often have the impression that they are being taken advantage of with these kinds of practices.

So the fact that products see them being poorly sold has something to make them go off their hinges. It remains to be seen if this is exactly what will happen with Jessica Thivenin’s compilation of misfires.

She should also react to this famous video in the coming days.


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